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WEC: "Summit" on Le Mans and a automotive industry

Prior to final week’s press discussion in Paris presenting a 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours field, a Automobile Club de l’Ouest invited media and vehicle attention member to a conference/debate about a industrial impact of a continuation classical for a vital manufacturers.

Meeting with a 20-some member of a press who supposed a invitation Pierre Fillon, a ACO President, Vincent Beaumesnil, ACO Sport Manager in assign of regulations, Pascal Couasnon, Michelin Competitions Manager, Darren Cox, Nissan Motorsport Global Manager, Wolfgang Ullrich, a Audi Sport Manager and Pascal Vasselon, a Toyota Motor Sport Group’s Technical Director, answered questions from a journalists. Also benefaction was Frederic Lenart, a ACO General Manager.

Fillon non-stop a record reminding those benefaction of a many innovations for a vehicle that were tested and valid in a prolonged story of a Le Mans 24 Hours, such as a detachable wheel, front brakes, windscreen wipers and quartz halogen headlights. He reminded them of a critical technological links fake with a introduction of a new Le Mans 24 Hours regulations in 2014 directed during enlivening a manufacturers to revoke their cars’ fuel expenditure by adult to 30 percent, while racing on increasingly slight tires, in proviso with stream road-going requirements. This aspect is entirely in gripping with a hurdles that a automobile attention will have to face, in sole when they’re related to problems of tolerable development.

Vasselon, Ullrich and Cox listed a many advantages – over and above a utterly sporting aspect – that a engine automobile manufacturers pull from their participation during Le Mans in terms of a automobile market, technology, selling and image.

Obviously, a picture that Audi has fake for itself by a impasse in continuation racing during a Le Mans 24 Hours given 1999, was during a heart of Ullrich’s speech, that emphasized a aphorism dear to a Ingolstadt make: namely, swell by record (translated from a German “Vorsprung Durch Technic).” He mentioned a innovative work finished on proceed injection in 2001, now a record common to all a gasoline engines in a Volkswagen range, a low fuel expenditure of a diesel engines finished by this hulk in a automobile attention given a attainment of a TDI engine, winning in 2006 for a initial time, and a attainment of hybrid technologies.

One square of information finished a large sense on those present: in 2014 a winning Audi used 25 percent reduction fuel compared to 2013 while achieving a same performance, mind-boggling swell in only a year. Another divulgence figure was that between 2006 and 2014 a Audis used 62 percent reduction fuel and continued to shelve adult victories. He also pronounced that a German manufacturer uses a eventuality to promulgate on a worldwide basement with a opposite importers and asks them to use a clever impressive powers of a competition on all a universe markets.

Vasselon forked out that a engineers operative on a TS040 hybrid’s powerplant are a same as those operative on road-going cars, and they go behind to Japan on a unchanging basement to a Toyota Motor Corporation’s Research and Development departments armed with a information gained from racing. At benefaction a competitions bend of a Japanese manufacturer is operative on 64 investigate and growth projects, one of that is a Le Mans 24 Hours, that has an outcome on all a others. For example, a work finished on a inertial change of a dampers in continuation racing directly advantages a cars sole on a market. It is a same story for a aerodynamic methodology and a make-believe collection used to assistance a LM P1 prototypes grasp top-level performance.

Cox, a Nissan Motorsport Global Manager, insisted on a fact that a attainment of Nissan in a tip difficulty to take on such eminent manufacturers in a Le Mans 24 Hours, a worldwide showcase for motorsport and cutting-edge technologies, is a peak of their selling strategy. Nissan, that is creation a Le Mans 24 Hours quip this year, utterly appreciates a range and a open-ended suggestion of a regulations, that capacitate manufacturers to enter really opposite forms of racing cars. He remarkable that a entrance of a new Nissan LM GTR in Nissan’s Super Bowl blurb demonstrates this. In terms of selling Nissan also has a really opposite proceed and takes full advantage of a height supposing by Le Mans 24 Hours.

Michelin’s Couasnon underlined a fact that a tire record used in a Le Mans 24 Hours was eliminated to a tires on sale to private motorists in underneath 3 years and that a earthy aptness training module of a drivers and tire technicians in partnership with a Clermont-Ferrand rugby group were being gradually introduced to a Group’s employees, so that they could take advantage of them too. The Michelin Competitions Manager criticized a stream anti-car ambiance, and forked out utterly righteously that motorsport is a best probable accelerator for progress.

Summing up, Beaumesnil, a ACO Sport Manager also in assign of a regulations, gave some examples of a destiny course of swell like optimizing engineer comfort whose advantages could afterwards be upheld on to a bland motorist, and a growth of connected cars:

“Innovation and technological growth in a context of capped costs are a keys to destiny mobility,” he said, observant that in further to a sparkling battles on a lane in a opposite categories, it was one of a reasons that joined a 263,000 spectators who attended a 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours.

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