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What we can design for Labor Day weekend travel

STEVENSVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) — Getting in one final weekend getaway of a summer could expostulate we crazy especially if your end is a Eastern Shore and we have to go opposite a Bay Bridge.

Friday morning, Nikki Burdine reported from a parking lot of Hemmingway’s Restaurant in Stevensville, Md. on a easterly side of a Bay Bridge with a preview of what we should design if you’re roving this weekend.

It’s a final getaway of a summer and there are going to be a lot some-more people pushing on a roads than final year, according to AAA

AAA says a series of people holding a outing 50 miles or some-more divided this year is up. It estimates some-more than 800,000 people in a D.C. area will be roving — many of them by car.

As we know, a best approach to kick that trade is to devise ahead. Get on a highway before 10:00 Friday morning to equivocate rise transport times or after 10:00 Friday night. The misfortune time to transport is between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. when we get off of work. If you’re leaving, Saturday morning is a best time or after 7:00 during night.

There’s also some good news: gas prices are down. They are a lowest they’ve been given 2010. Regular gas will normal about $3.41 a gallon, about 18 cents cheaper than final year and 40 cents cheaper than 2012. So if we are roving opposite a Bay Bridge Friday or this weekend to applaud Labor Bay, it won’t cost we as many though it competence take we a small bit longer.

The Virginia Department of Transportation is suspending many of a highway work and lifting line closures on interstates from noon Friday until noon Sept. 2 to assistance palliate travel.

AAA has some recommendation for spots to equivocate on this entrance Tuesday or Terrible Traffic Tuesday, when everybody heads behind home or to work. The misfortune invert in a area is I-395 SB/I-95 SB from Franconia Rd/Exit 169 to Russell Road/Exit 148, according to AAA. “INRIX ranks it as a fourth misfortune mezzanine in a USA on a 2013 scorecard,” says AAA in a press recover on Friday.

AAA also suggests we equivocate a Capital Beltway NB/Capital Beltway WB from Exit 27 to MD-97/Georgia Ave/Exit 31 during a morning rush hour Tuesday. AAA says ” take a sleet check on roving along a 20.6 –mile- prolonged widen of a Capital Beltway EB/Capital Beltway NB from Braddock Rd/Exit 5 all a approach to exit 34 during MD-355/Wisconsin Avenue during a afternoon and early dusk rush hours. Avoid it during all costs Thursday evenings around 5 p.m.

The many undiluted routes in D.C. will be New York Avenue, Constitution Avenue, Independence Avenue, D.C. 295, I-395/695, Rhode Island Avenue, and Wisconsin Avenue, according to AAA and a District Department of Transportation (DDOT).

Traffic patterns during Columbus Circle in front of Union Station will also be chaotic, according to AAA. The “largest intermodal transport core in a Washington metro region” will get worse when a Senate and House of Representatives lapse from a Aug recess on Sep 8, according to AAA.

AAA says drivers should also container their calm if they devise to transport I-395 NB from VA-27 to VA-110, I-495 Inner Loop from VA-193 to a GW Parkway, and I-395 SB/SW Freeway from 4th Street to 12th Street.

Article source: http://www.wusa9.com/story/traffic/2014/08/29/labor-day-weekend-traffic-travel-delays-tips/14789921/

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