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What you’ll compensate for a Thanksgiving turkey this year — Northeast Ohio prices …

CLEVELAND, Ohio — We have transient a turkey shortage, for this year. Happy Thanksgiving.

The avian influenza that decimated some-more than 7 million Midwestern birds this past open fed fears that there wouldn’t be adequate to go around.

Yikes, what would we serve? Rubber wisecrack chickens? Sculpted tofu? A load of Cornish diversion hens? The possibilities were not good.

Fresh vs. Frozen

The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines a uninformed turkey as one that has never been cold reduce than 26 degrees. For food safety, it should never be kept above 40 degrees. USDA also recommends shopping a uninformed turkey usually one or dual days before we devise to prepare it. You can sequence it forward of time to pledge removing a bird.

Turns out, we mislaid usually 3-4 percent of a 46 million birds consumed any Thanksgiving. Losing plantation animals is never good, and we don’t know what destiny avian diseases competence bring. But Norman Rockwell’s classical prophesy of a large bird during a core of a list is total for another year.

Ohio and Pennsylvania were comparatively inexperienced by a necessity and will have enough fresh birds in stock. Frozen reserve are even some-more secure, given many were already in a deep-freeze by March.

We looked during what Northeast Ohio stores and farms are charging this year and found a prices of solidified birds comparatively stable. If a supply opening out West has any effect, it competence meant a comparatively tiny cost travel for uninformed birds, adult to 30 cents a pound.

Chasing solidified turkey prices dual weeks before Thanksgiving is like chasing a bird itself around a barnyard. Turkey is a rarely rival object among grocers. If we understand a store as carrying a good discount – on a biggest square of protein we’ll prepare all year – it’s expected we’ll buy a rest of a dish there, too.

They wish us in a door. Keeping a cost tag tighten to a vest until offered time is partial of a jockeying game.

We enclosed a accumulation of sources (stores, farms, etc.) and geographical locations. If we know of good deals, tell us in a comments section.

The skinny: At slightest a few grocers are going as low as 79 cents a bruise for a solidified bird. Many uninformed are in a $2-$4 operation per pound, with one organic retailer seeking tighten to $7 per pound.

Cost is not always all to everyone. Be certain to review a labels. If we caring about H2O content, combined chemical solutions, how a animal was raised, what it ate, and a tastiest breed, we will expected compensate some-more for it.

If we wish a uninformed turkey of a certain distance and type, it’s best to sequence in advance.

Our formula so far:

Beriswill Farm:  2200 Station Road, Valley City, 330-350-2486. Fresh or smoked Bowman Landes, Ohio pasture-raised turkeys, $3.39 a pound.

Bindel Farms: 6736 River Corners Road, Spencer (Medina County), 440-570-8349. Fresh, pastured on-site turkey, 16-25 pounds, $4.99 a pound.

Brunty Farms: 2470 Martin Road, Bath Township, 330-594-7315. Single family owned Cuyahoga Valley and Ashland farms, uninformed pastured birds 8-25 pounds and more, $5 a pound. (Some smaller turkeys will be flash-frozen in a weeks before a holidays.)

D.W. Whitaker: West Side Market, 1979 West 25th St., Cleveland, 216-241-5764. Fresh Jaindl code turkeys from Pennsylvania, accessible 8-30 pounds, $3.99 a pound.

Dave’s Supermarkets:  (216-441-0034) Numerous Cleveland stores. Frozen, $1.19 a pound, though ignored to 79 cents a bruise with a $50 purchase. Fresh: Amish brand, $1.88 a pound.

Fresh Fork Market: 3800 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, 1-800-861-8582. Ohio pasture-raised uninformed Broad-breasted Bronze or White, $60 for hen (average weight 15-19 pounds) or $65 for Tom (average weight 20 pounds and up).

Giant Eagle: Numerous Northeast Ohio stores. Promises to compare any published cost according to advertisements (check sum online). Frozen: House brand, 79 cents a bruise (with Giant Eagle card; extent 2); Honeysuckle White, 99 cents a pound; Butterball, $1.59 a pound; Nature’s Basket code antibiotic giveaway solidified or fresh, $2.89 a pound. Fresh: Plainville Farms or Bell Evans, $2.99 a pound; House brand, $1.79 a pound; Honeysuckle White, $1.89 a pound; Butterball, $1.99 a pound.

Heinen’s Supermarkets: More than a dozen locations. Frozen: Butterball during $1.69 a pound, kosher during $3.59 a pound, Honeysuckle during $1.29 a pound. Fresh: Plainville cage-free, no antibiotics or hormones, $2.99 a pound, Amish code with no antibiotics or other combined ingredients, $1.99 a pound, organic during $3.99 a pound.

Marc’s: Numerous locations. Honeysuckle White frozen, 79 cents a pound, extent two.

Martha’s Farm: 1422 County Road 1008, Ashland, 419-281-3048. Fresh, pasture-raised turkeys, never given hormones, vaccines or genetically engineered food, 14-20 pounds each, $4.99 a pound.

Mister Brisket: 2156 South Taylor Road, Cleveland Heights, 216-932-8620. Specialty beef store with a accumulation of uninformed turkeys: Brined kosher turkeys, 10-24 pounds, $4.99 a pound; hormone- and antibiotic-free, 10-24 pounds, $2.99 a pound; organic, 10-16 pounds, $6.99 a pound.

Miles Road Farmers Market: 28560 Miles Road, Solon, 440-248-5222. Fresh only. Free-range private label, $3.49 a pound; Shady Brook Farms (Virginia), $2.99 a pound.

Mustard Seed Market: Locally owned stores in Solon, Montrose, Akron. Fresh Bowman Landes Ohio-grown turkeys, $3.69 a pound. Limited series of organic turkeys for $5.99 a pound.

Whole Foods: Rocky River, University Heights and Woodmere stores. Fresh turkeys, 10-20 pounds; brined, during $2.99 a pound; free-range during $2.69 a pound; kosher during $3.49 a pound; organic during $3.99 a pound; heirloom breeds during $3.69 a pound.

Woodland View Acres: Kauffman family, 17257 Hosmer Road, Middlefield, 440-548-5716 (pre-orders only; leave message). Free-range, Broad-breasted Whites lifted but genetically engineered food, $3.50 a pound.

Article source: http://www.cleveland.com/cooking/index.ssf/2015/11/what_youll_pay_for_a_thanksgiv.html

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