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What’s On Google’s Plate For 2015?


By Dino Londis (Invests.com) – The fourth annual Google I/O introduced new products, approaching products and even repackaged products, though it did not broach a lot of surprises especially since – distinct Apple – a hunt hulk has been pity most of what it’s building as of late.

One of a surprises was a deficiency of Glass. Glass was a concentration of Google I/O 2013, though was frequency mentioned anywhere in a 2014 conference. That’s not to contend Google is abandoning wearables. In fact it doubled down on them.

Android Wear

Not a initial to a marketplace though forward of Apple, Google introduced Android Wear for a intelligent watch. Both a Pebble Smart Watch and a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 predate any Google Wear watch, though Samsung announced during a discussion that a Galaxy Gear 2 will be powered by Android Wear. Until now Samsung used Tizen as a OS for a intelligent watches.

Increasingly incomparable phablets would make a intelligent watch an easy sell to Android business since pulling out a phablet to check a summary – or even a time – becomes a bit of a duty over a march of a day. Google estimates that people check their messages about 125 times a day. From what we see that’s a regressive estimation.

Though there are rumors that Apple will broach a incomparable phone, iPhones are extremely smaller than Android phones, so Apple’s might have a harder sell to remonstrate business to buy a intelligent watch. Android Wear won’t work with Apple.

It appears for now that an Apple intelligent watch won’t directly contest with Android Wear. It is going after a health marketplace with a possess intelligent watch, that is slated to entrance during a finish of 2014.

But it won’t be like that forever. Google’s health-focused Fit height done an coming during a conference, that was destined toward developers. So we should see something some-more estimable in a subsequent Google I/O.

Samsung’s Gear Live intelligent watch does have a heart rate guard that works with several aptness apps, though it won’t be privately meant to guard health.

Android Auto

While you’re checking we messages on your tweets on your wrist, your Android phone will be plugged in and delivering all a apps and facilities to your car’s infotainment system. Rather than building an operation element into a car, Google has motionless to build a console that acts as a passage for your Android Phone.

So rather than your automobile being stranded with a immobile OS – or worse – carrying to refurbish a OS, a automobile connects to any new phone we have. You will have customized buttons on a steering circle and a Nvidia formed console to broach a dashboard. The Android Auto experience is meant to be “glanceable” – a word Google loves.

Google is directly competing with Apple in a connected automobile sector, that is estimated to be a $50 billion dollar business over a subsequent decade. If it’s tough adequate now to switch ecosystems when switching smartphones, suppose how tough it would be to switch if your automobile has to be switched as well. Apple introduced CarPlay in Mar and so distant 24 brands have affianced to partner with it.

Android TV

Google already has a semi-hit with Chromecast, a $35 dongle that allows we to tide a Internet and other services from your smartphone or inscription to your large shade TV.

Android TV – a apart device set-top device, or “micro-console” that streams calm – is creation a play for a apportionment of a gaming market. It’s not dictated to reinstate a Sony PlayStation, though directed during those who would opt for a cheaper console with most cheaper games.

It could even element a incomparable gaming system. Android TV comes with a remote so we won’t need a inscription to run it. Google has attempted this before, though with reduction absolute hardware and a reduction mature OS. It says it has schooled a lot from a morality of Chromecast and is requesting that to Android TV.

And here is a must-see video of a final seconds to a events countdown to a keynote.

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