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Which side of Kaepernick will Rams see?

From pass rushers, to pundits, and apparently even teammates, is there anyone who isn’t pier on Colin Kaepernick these days?

Once deliberate in a vanguard of a new era of NFL quarterbacks, a struggling Kaepernick is removing a business from clearly any instruction these days.

The San Francisco QB has listened boos from a home fans during Levi’s Stadium, and gotten mocked by Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews.

In new weeks, reports flush claiming he’s detached and “on an island” in a 49ers’ locker room. Another news pronounced teammate Vernon Davis called him out during a exhilarated group meeting.

Apparently, when Kaepernick comes home after a tough day on a field, his dog kicks him.

OK, that’s not unequivocally a case. But Matthews did applaud a pouch of Kaepernick in an Oct. 4 diversion by kissing his biceps. (That’s Kaepernick’s signature pierce after scoring a touchdown.)

Matthews was also prisoner on a FOX radio promote of that competition shouting: “You ain’t Russell Wilson, bro!” during Kaepernick, a anxiety to a NFC West’s other young, hastily dual-purpose quarterback.

Kaepernick is still immature — he turns 28 on Tuesday. But he’s no longer hastily — during slightest he wasn’t final week opposite Seattle. Kaepernick didn’t have a singular carry, a initial time that’s happened in his 46 regular-season starts as a 49er.

But a Rams, essay to sojourn applicable this deteriorate during 3-3, can’t means to take Kaepernick easily in Sunday’s noon kickoff opposite San Francisco during a Edward Jones Dome.

“I know Kap’s removing some critique for this or that, though his numbers are unequivocally no opposite than they’ve been a final 3 years,” Rams manager Jeff Fisher said. “We went behind and checked. He’s rushing a football. He’s throwing a football.”

All a Rams need do is put on a fasten of Kaepernick’s final dual starts in St. Louis, when his sum numbers were 37 completions in 58 attempts (63.8%) for 510 yards, 5 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. His altogether flitting rating in those dual contests: 120.6.

“Two years ago we had to go in there on a brief week, Thursday night game, behind opposite a wall given we had mislaid dual games going into that, and we came divided with a hard-fought win,” 49ers defensive coordinator Geep Chryst told San Francisco reporters Thursday.

The 49ers won that competition 35-11.

“Last year’s game, remember we had a big, prolonged pass usually before a two-minute (mark), and that was like it pennyless some ice,” Chryst said.

And pennyless a Rams’ backs. The Rams were adult 14-3 in a shutting seconds of a initial half when cornerback Janoris Jenkins bit on a double pierce by 49ers far-reaching receiver Brandon Lloyd. The outcome was an 80-yard touchdown accepting on a Kaepernick pass. The 49ers went on to win 31-17.

In a 3½ seasons given he has been a starting QB, Kaepernick has rushed for some-more than 1,800 yards and scored 11 touchdowns.

The Rams have finished a flattering good pursuit vs. Kaepernick a curtain over a past dual seasons, tying him to 83 yards (and no rushing TDs) over 4 contests. But they still honour his legs as good as his arm.

“He’s a prolonged strider, though he’s got good speed,” Fisher said. “In a open field, he can make we miss. The frustrating partial about fortifying him is he’ll pull adult a field, he’ll make a move, he’ll conduct to a sideline, and before we blink he’s picked adult 20 yards and a vast initial down.

“So he can change margin position very, really quickly. He knows what he’s doing in a section review and a read-option stuff. You go behind and demeanour during a integrate games, he’s been really prolific in it.”

Kaepernick rushed for between 41 and 57 yards in any of a 49ers’ initial 4 games this season. But he has carried usually 6 times — sum — over their final 3 contests.

“I consider people demeanour to kind of take it divided a small bit now,” linebacker James Laurinaitis said. “He picks and chooses. He tries to (run) a lot on third-and-short … take off and get a initial down. He can still run with a best of ’em.”

On flitting plays, Laurinaitis pronounced he has beheld that Kaepernick is reduction effective scrambling when teams vigour him adult a middle.

“It’s always easier when quarterbacks try to shun out a edge, given we have angles and we can kind of convene (to a ball),” Laurinaitis said. “It’s when they shun adult a center that it puts we underneath a lot of vigour in a open field.”

So this is a diversion where a actor such as defensive tackle Aaron Donald could do some damage, quite given San Francisco’s interior restraint has frequently left most to be desired. For example, right ensure Jordan Devey gave adult 3½ sacks in a 49ers’ 20-3 detriment to Seattle in a Thursday night diversion Oct. 22.

As a passer, Kaepernick ranks 24th in both execution commission (61.4) and passer rating (82.8) this deteriorate for 2-5 San Francisco. When Fisher talks about a numbers being about a same, that execution commission is a small aloft than Kaepernick’s career series (60.1 percent) entering this season. But a passer rating is next his career series (90.6).

To a vast degree, Kaepernick looks reduction certain of himself in a slot these days. He is missing, and blank badly, too mostly on slight throws. Occasionally, a physique denunciation from 49ers receivers after one of those erring throws is telling. They’re frustrated.

Normally clever with a football, Kaepernick usually has 5 interceptions this season. But 4 of them came in his initial 10 throws Sept. 27 during Arizona, with dual of them returned for touchdowns in a 47-7 rout.

But Kaepernick also has had 3 outings this deteriorate where he’s had improved than a 100 passer rating, and dual games where he has thrown for some-more than 300 yards. Even so, he realizes there’s room for improvement, generally after a summer in that he worked diligently with former Rams good Kurt Warner on his game.

“I would contend that we have to take it to another level,” Kaepernick said. “I have to be means to make plays for this team, and we have to be a difference-maker when we step on a field.”

Which Kaepernick shows adult Sunday opposite a Rams? Hard to tell. But it’ll substantially be one who tries to chuck opposite Jenkins on a double pierce by a receiver.

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