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Why an iPhone 7 but a headphone jack should not warn you

The latest Apple gossip is a fun one: The subsequent iPhone reportedly won’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, iPhone owners will have to use an all-in-one Lightning connector, according to a “reliable source” cited by Japanese website Mac Otakara (via Mac Rumors).

As distant as iPhone rumors go, this one doesn’t warn me in a slightest. Mark my words: Apple is operative on replacing a headphone jack with Lightning.

The news claims a new same-sized Lightning connector will support Lightning-equipped headphones, and have a digital-to-audio (DAC) converter for retrograde harmony with connected headphones regulating customary 3.5mm stereo jacks. In other words, you’ll have to buy a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter, that Apple will happily sell you, if we wish to use connected headphones, earbuds, or even Apple’s stream EarPods (pictured above).

And that’s a initial thing that jumps out during me per this rumor: Apple introduced a EarPods in Sep 2012, initial shipping them with a iPhone 5 (they are sole exclusively for $29). A modernise is prolonged overdue. When a subsequent iPhone lineup arrives, it will have been 4 years given a EarPods were released.

What has Apple finished in those 4 years to advise that a new set of headphones to accompany a products is on a way? Oh, not that much. The association usually acquired Beats Electronics, launched Apple Music (including on Android), and non-stop adult a MFi (Made For) chartering module to embody headphones that use a exclusive Lightning port.


That’s right: As of Jun 2014, third-party manufacturers have been means to emanate headphones that bond to iOS inclination around a Lightning cable. Aside from Philips, not many have jumped on this bandwagon. Once Apple removes a headphone jack, that will change really quickly.

And of course, a gossip also says Apple is formulation to recover a possess Lightning-equipped EarPods, that would expected boat with a iPhone 7 (and presumably be sole separately, as well). Eventually, Apple would proviso out a stream EarPods, once all other iOS inclination remove a headphone jack.

But I’m going to go serve and contend Apple will also recover Beats-branded headphones that use a Lightning port. Maybe they won’t be prepared for a iPhone 7, though it would be stupid for a association not to offer some-more reward (and expensive) headphones that work with a latest iPhone.

If we still consider this is unlikely, let me remind we that Apple has finished this before. Again, in 2012 with a recover of a iPhone 5, a association late a exclusive 30-pin wharf connector in preference of a smaller Lightning connector.

There was naturally a lot of debate surrounding this, though Apple did it to make a device slimmer (and a story with a iPhone 7 will be a same). The dismissal of a headphone jack, that will meant a Lightning connector is used for charging as good as audio output, will be arguably some-more argumentative given a 3.5mm jack is customary in all audio products. Apple’s 30-pin connector was already proprietary.

So iPhone fans will be doubly angry. Not usually will their existent Apple headphones no longer work with a new iPhone, though roughly no existent headphones will work.

And yet, this won’t stop Apple. Maybe it won’t occur with a iPhone 7, or even a iPhone 7s, though Apple is really experimenting with murdering a headphone jack. There is dominance for such a move, and it lines adult ideally with a company’s character of removing ports and simplifying a devices. Again, we wouldn’t be astounded if it happens with a iPhone 7.

Apple will kill a 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s inevitable.

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