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Why a 3-point-shootout margin tops a dunk-contest field

Imagine your ideal 3-point-shootout field.

It’d demeanour an awful lot like the tangible field: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kyle Korver, James Harden, Kyrie Irving , J.J. Redick, Wesley Matthews and and Marco Belinelli.

Now, suppose your ideal dunk-contest field.

It’d demeanour nothing, or scarcely nothing, like the tangible field: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Victor Oladipo, Mason Plumlee and Zach LaVine.

Has a 3-pointer transposed a asperse as a premier shot in a NBA? Are 3-pointers now cooler than dunks?

Teams fire 3-pointers some-more mostly than ever, relying on them to beget fit points and space a floor. As a NBA has loosened defensive rules, a line has turn some-more packed, tying dunking opportunities.

But 3-pointers cooler than dunks? No way. A jumper is not some-more sparkling or fun or refreshing than a slam.

So because don’t we get LeBron James, Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook in a asperse competition like we do Curry, Thompson and Korver in a 3-point shootout?

The Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The NBA, as negotiated with a players’ union, can need anyone to attend in a 3-point shootout (or skills plea or sharpened stars contest) with dual exceptions:

1. The actor isn’t injured.

2. The actor hasn’t competed in a eventuality a prior dual years (unless he’s a fortifying champ, in that box he can be compulsory to return).

So, Curry and Irving, both of whom participated in a 3-point shootout a prior dual years, were a usually dual free healthy players. Luckily for a NBA, Curry badly wants to win a event, and Irving will participate, too.

The asperse competition is categorically released from these stipulations. In fact, a usually players a joining can need to competition in a asperse competition are Rising Stars Challenge participants.

Unsurprisingly, all 4 dunk-contest entrants this year are also in a Rising Stars Challenge.

The CBA calls for some-more income for a dunk-contest leader ($100,000) than a 3-point shootout leader ($50,000*), though that’s not adequate to convince tip players to enter a asperse contest.

*Set before a joining boost a participants from 6 to 8 final year, so a figure competence have been altered.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss of ESPN wrote a good essay on a changing inlet of a NBA, and as he says, there is a hum for this year’s 3-point shootout – some-more than a asperse contest. But we don’t see a NBA’s expansion and this year’s All-Star Saturday Night as closely related as he does.

Elite players wish a break some-more than that cash. Passing on a asperse competition is some-more about a contractually negotiated right to do so – a right most some-more singular for a 3-point shootout – than anything else.






Article source: http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/02/06/why-the-3-point-shootout-field-tops-the-dunk-contest-field/

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