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Why a Panthers Should Draft Todd Gurley

Last night, Brian Beversluis and we hosted a initial live twitter ridicule draft, #CSRMock. By now, everyone, contingency be removing breeze sleepy and sleepy of reading ridicule drafts.

So singular to a mock, we stopped during collect 25 and left it to anyone and everybody to make their possess collect for a Panthers. We stayed flattering flattering loyal to what we consider will happen, and we formed my picks on what a hum has been from connected analysts like Peter King, Matt Miller, and a possess SBNation bloggers. Here’s what picks 1-24 looked like:

This will be flattering tighten to a unfolding a Panthers front bureau will be confronting when they are on a clock. Brian already done his pick, Jalen Collins, that we can review here.  To me, a Panthers unequivocally usually have one collect to make.

Todd Gurley.

By many accounts, he is a second entrance of Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch; a authorization workhorse behind that can lift a load, nonetheless take it to a residence on any given play.

Of course, I’d usually take him if:

- his medical checks out (which we consider it will)

- they do not trade adult for him (unless a cost is unequivocally nice)

- he falls to 25 (well duh, yet so many advise he won’t fall)

And maybe he’s taken before 25, yet there is a probability he does not. But if he is, here’s because he should be a pick:

He fits Gettleman’s breeze philosophy

While it might be en practice to ridicule an descent tackle, far-reaching receiver, or even a dilemma or reserve to a Panthers to fill a need, it is not compare ubiquitous manager Dave Gettleman’s philosophy.

He believes that sound breeze plan is to take a team’s strength and make it stronger, not be a “jack of all trades,” where we are good during each unit, yet not good anywhere. And this is sound breeze strategy.

Here’s a ubiquitous manager that has never drafted for need usually in a tip rounds. Two years ago, defensive tackle Star Lotulelei happened to fill a need, yet he was also by distant and divided a best actor on a board. When a second turn came up, he comparison defensive tackle Kawann Short, even yet he had usually taken a defensive tackle and there were dire needs elsewhere.

Last year, Gettleman (wisely) bypassed their deepest need during descent tackle and took a best talent on a house in a initial turn in far-reaching receiver Kelvin Benjamin. As it came to a second turn selection, rather than take a desperately indispensable descent tackle, he chose defensive finish Kony Ealy, that during a time, looked crazy with Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy already during a position. But lo and behold, it came in accessible with Hardy dangling for radically a whole year.

And that’s because we take a best talent available. And Gurley utterly presumably will be a best available.

He fits Gettleman’s and Rivera’s style

It has been no tip how Gettleman and Rivera like their players. If they ideal players were steaks, they would be huge slabs of beef that would be tough to cut. That is, big, tough, and physical.

This is a form that extends opposite all positions, from a apparent ones in a trenches, to evens kill positions like far-reaching receiver and cornerback.

Running behind is no exception.

This group excels and succeeds when they have a widespread run game. Two years ago, a Panthers were nearby a tip of a joining in rushing. Last year, a Panthers went one prohibited strain and done a playoffs when Cam Newton was healthy and Jonathan Stewart got a starting job. Both carried a run diversion to a high level, and wins followed.

Recall Gettleman likes to make a strength stronger. The run diversion has always been a strength, generally when they have been winning.

Now addition a Todd Gurley, and we have presumably a best using conflict in a league. And that’s how we can kick a Seattle or Green Bay in a playoffs.

Jonathan Stewart is not a permanent answer

Recall that final year, Ealy was drafted in a second round, even a Panthers were set during defensive finish with Johnson and Hardy. The valid to be felicitous with Hardy suspended, Johnson harm for most of a year, and Frank Alexander being in a doghouse. Just a year later, a collect of Ealy looks so good.

A collect of Todd Gurley could be good foreknowledge as well.

I’m a large Jonathan Stewart as most as anyone, yet he has not been a denote of health. Even with a reduced bucket by time pity with DeAngelo Williams, Stewart still has been harm mostly and has not finished a full deteriorate in a while. Two years ago he was on a roll, yet harmed himself opposite a New Orleans Saints. He had ankle medicine in a offseason. Last year was his best in a while, yet he was not 100 percent and had been out in a commencement of a year.

And now we design him to take a full load? No way.

He’s aged by using behind standards (just incited 28), and he does not have a partner workhorse behind to shoulder a load. Mike Tolbert and Fozzy Whittaker can take a few carries a game, yet conjunction will be approaching to have over 10 carries a game.

Gurley is usually what a alloy ordered. He can hoop a high effort and keep Jonathan Stewart uninformed for a whole year.

In a prolonged run, Gurley can be a successor to a throne. Stewart has (and has had) an intensely high cost tab given re-signing with a Panthers. Many can disagree that a lapse on investment hasn’t been great. Gurley would give a Panthers a cheaper, tolerable resolution during using behind for years to come.

Offensive tackles bust too (and have lately)

Many feel a descent tackle is a approach to go during collect 25. It is protected and what a Panthers need.

But not so fast.

Offensive tackles as of late have not been a denote of coherence we consider they once were. High initial turn “sure-fire” picks such as Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel, and Jake Matthews have struggled significantly, nonetheless they came into a joining with high acclaim.

So before we put all of a hopes into an Andrus Peat, Ereck Flowers, or D.J. Humphries, be wakeful that there is a probability they humour flourishing heedfulness too and could bust too.

Panthers need to go bold

If there is anything we would ding a Gettlevera administration for, it is their gusto for personification it safe. This permeates via all their preference making, from play calls to giveaway representative targets.And it has been tolerably successful so far, heading a authorization to back-to-back multiplication titles and appearances in a second turn of a playoffs.

Now it’s time to take it to a subsequent level.

The “play it safe” plan is what this group and fanbase indispensable during a time: coherence and reliability. But it can usually go so far. What a Super Bowl contending teams over a final integrate of years have in common has been a distributed crew risk here and there to addition a roster.

For a Seahawks, it were a additions of Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett. For a Broncos, it was For a Patriots, it was Darrelle Revis. And for a Broncos, it going for pennyless with Peyton Manning and DeMarcus Ware

Now, those are giveaway representative pickups, yet a impact can't be denied. And Todd Gurley would have a identical impact.

It is healthy to be shaken about a actor that plays a earthy position and is entrance off a poignant injury. And there are reasonable concerns that he could bust Marcus Lattimore-style.

But successful risk-takers do not demeanour tatter during intensity loss; they instead demeanour during a intensity reward.

What is Todd Gurley’s best box scenario? If his college career is any indication, he could be a best using behind in a joining in usually a integrate years time.

Now if that is his ceiling, because not take a gamble? Forget, for a second, a probability that Gurley struggles or busts. Imagine instead a backfield with Cam Newton and Todd Gurley using a review option, with Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin using routes. It is a universe where your descent tackles do not have to be best, and where defenses are personification on their heels.

And it is presumably a plans if we wish a Panthers to make a Super Bowl, not usually settle for a playoff appearance.

Article source: http://www.catscratchreader.com/2015/4/8/8369569/why-the-panthers-should-draft-todd-gurley

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