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Why Twitter finally caved and returned to Google

Following a recover of a fourth-quarter gain results, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo reliable a company’s formerly rumored new partnership with Google. Twitter had partnered with Google before to aspect tweets in hunt results, but in 2011 it chose not to replenish their understanding since a terms weren’t auspicious adequate for a amicable media company. So because now, years later?

Costolo explained his suspicion process during a discussion call following Twitter’s fourth-quarter results.. Since expansion of monthly active users of Twitter is slowing, a association is starting to double down on measuring a impact outward of a core Twitter experience. It’s pulling new metrics, like logged-out users and syndicated views (when Twitter shows adult places like Flipboard or CNN).

As a result, a time is developed for a partnership with Google, that could be one some-more place to offer adult tweets outward Twitter. “We’ve got a ability to expostulate courtesy and total eyeballs to logged out topics and events,” Costolo said. “That’s one of a reasons it creates a lot some-more sense for us now.”

He didn’t go into any of a business deals of a agreement, and he pronounced we shouldn’t design to see a partnership come to delight for a few months. In other words, it’s not going to impact Twitter’s bottom line during a subsequent gain call.

The other key indicate discussed in Twitter’s gain call is, as we forked out earlier, clever income and scarcely prosaic expansion in a fourth quarter. People considered what that meant for Twitter’s business indication on (where else) Twitter.

Josh Elman, a Greylock financier and former Twitter employee, forked out that delayed expansion is a “lagging indicator of before work,” and not indispensably a error of a stream team. Gigaom owner Om Malik said a trends uncover that nonetheless Twitter is a business force to be reckoned with, it now seems doubtful to ever turn a outrageous powerhouse like Facebook. Farhad Manjoo during The New York Times agreed.

There was one other engaging object from a gain call: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo blamed a puzzling iOS 8 bug and seasonality, observant that a fourth entertain is always Twitter’s slowest in terms of user growth. When asked to elaborate on a bug, he dodged a question.

“It’s an variable bug as it relates to chatter integration,” Costolo told investors. “Once we accepted a emanate we changed as fast as we could to minimize a impact on mixed fronts. The problem was formidable and influenced different users differently.”

He pronounced formed on January’s numbers, he believes Twitter’s MAU numbers will return to their former expansion rate by a subsequent gain call.

Article source: https://gigaom.com/2015/02/05/why-twitter-finally-caved-and-returned-to-google/

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