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Will Angelina Jolie run for domestic office?

Angelina Jolie is introspective going into politics.

She isn’t scarcely a bad adequate singer to lift that off.

The 39-year-old actress, who’s on a Dec emanate of Vanity Fair, told a repository she’s “open” to a thought of using for office.

“When we work as a humanitarian, we are unwavering that politics have to be considered,” pronounced Jolie, who was recently done an titular lady by Queen Elizabeth. “Because if we unequivocally wish to make an impassioned change, afterwards we have a responsibility. But we overtly don’t know in what purpose we would be some-more useful — we am unwavering of what we do for a living, and that (could) make it reduction possible.”

Right. America would never elect an actor to open office.

Angelina Jolie poses during a premiere of Beowulf in London Nov 11, 2007.

Jolie is now directing and filming “By a Sea” with father Brad Pitt.

“A few friends asked if we were crazy,” Jolie pronounced of their operative together. “(A film about) a married integrate going by some problems … and I’m directing him.”

Like it’s a initial time …

After apropos concerned in 2005 while creation “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” a integrate finally married in August. Jolie said, “It does feel different” and it “feels good to be father and wife.”

She also pronounced a couple’s 6 kids helped write partial of their marriage vows.

“They did not design us never to fight, though they done us guarantee to always say, ‘Sorry,’ if we do,” she said. “So they said, ‘Do you?’ and we said, ‘We do!’”

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