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Windows 10 glitches have sidelined my Surface 3


The Surface 3 is a illusory square of hardware that is a fun to use. Whether regulating it as a inscription or a laptop with a Type Cover, operation is liquid and discerning — until Windows 10 stairs in and hull a user experience.

I was primarily so happy with a Surface 3 regulating Windows 10 that we set my Apple products and Chromebook aside and went full time with Microsoft. The initial few weeks we was tender with how good both a hardware and program worked together. For a initial time in years regulating Windows was perfect pleasure on a good hardware.

Then all altered for no apparent reason. The Surface 3 began frequently carrying difficulty waking up. It would lay staring blankly during me until we did a reason a energy symbol down routine. Even when it resumed scrupulously a Mail app or Edge browser would be hung adult so totally they couldn’t be killed with a tighten box.

Leaving a Edge browser with mixed tabs open when shutting a Surface 3 became risky. Every day or dual we would open a Surface to find during slightest one of a tabs sealed adult so badly I’d have to tighten a app, if it would tighten during all. Sometimes I’d have to reboot a complement to recover. Other times it would take over a notation to tighten a app with no denote what was function before a browser would go away.

This didn’t occur any time though many days during slightest once. we never knew, when we took a Surface 3 out of a bag to fast get to work, if that would even be possible.

This started function several weeks ago and has gotten gradually worse over time. we don’t know if one of a poser accumulative updates pushed out by Microsoft is behind it, and honestly we don’t care. This Windows 10 instability, like that gifted by my co-worker Mary Jo Foley, is frustrating to contend a least. The one thing we direct from a systems we use daily is to work as expected. Foley was peaceful to spend hours rebuilding her laptop though I’m not.

This conditions is what gathering me divided from Windows years ago. we got sleepy of things function that shouldn’t, and afterwards spending hours reckoning out what was behind a issues, or rebuilding a OS if we couldn’t. we have no enterprise to investigate what might be behind it. And if we hear a tenure Knowledge Base my eyes will glitter over. The fact is a Surface 3 with Windows 10 worked exquisitely for weeks and afterwards it didn’t. I’m past a indicate of tinkering with my systems, we only wish them to work.

In years past, when we talked to others about Windows instability, we would hear that it wasn’t Microsoft’s fault. There are a hardware vendors, complement software, and hardware drivers to censure and this was no doubt partial of a problem.

That doesn’t request to my conditions with a Surface 3. It’s Microsoft’s hardware, Microsoft’s OS, and Microsoft’s shortcoming to get a drivers right. On tip of that, all of a apps causing my disappointment are Microsoft’s own. Plus, if a problems arose due to a bad update, that’s resolutely in Microsoft’s path too.

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You've got questions, Ed Bott's got answers

You’ve got questions, Ed Bott’s got answers

The fact that my complement is all Microsoft creates me consider that a association can't repair Windows, and that creates me both unhappy and angry.

I’m so so undone that I’ve set aside a Surface 3 for a few days and have left behind to regulating other systems any day to get my work done, though issue. I’m essay this on an Apple product though we like a Surface 3 hardware so most we skip it.

Article source: http://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-issues-sidelining-my-surface-3/

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