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Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 adds one-handed mode, improved Photos management

If we despaired that Windows 10 Mobile would supplement new facilities before a launch this fall, good news: Build 10536 embody improved Photos government and a new concept one-handed mode. But a ascent routine is some-more labyrinthine than usual, and Lumia 1020 owners might wish to skip it entirely.

Microsoft was ostensible to recover a new build of Windows 10 Mobile final week, though a bug that would have prevented it from upgrading to a destiny build caused it to be put on hold. In a place, Microsoft pushed a latest build, that will need mixed updates: if you’re upgrading from build 10512, you’ll indeed download 3 builds: build 10514, afterwards build 10536, and afterwards on to nonetheless another build, 10536.1004. If you’re on Windows Phone 8.1, however, we can burst true to a latest build. 

windows mobile 10536 installation Microsoft

Just lay behind and wait—this ascent might take a while.

Fortunately, many of a vital bugs that progressing builds introduced have now been fixed: mobile hotspot functionality, for example, was damaged by build 10512. Quiet Hours support has returned, delays in display a date and time on a close shade have been eliminated, and two-factor authentication has returned as well. The Windows Feedback app also creates a comeback.

Why this matters: With Microsoft approaching to betray new Windows 10 inclination in a  few weeks, expectations are high that flagship phones are watchful in a wings. But is Windows 10 Mobile itself ready? So far, it appears that Microsoft has some work to do. One large doubt now is either Microsoft will announce new flagships, wait to boat Windows 10 Mobile on them, or boat both during a same time.

Some new goodies

The new build also adds dual new features: an updated Photos app (above, top, in landscape mode), with a new folder perspective that separates photos stored on OneDrive from photos on a device, a new favorites view, and faster wizz and panning. The new app also is appearing initial on a phone; Windows 10 PC users will see that updated Photos app next, Microsoft said.

windows 10 mobile one handed view Microsoff

The Windows 10 Mobile one-handed perspective slides a phone’s calm within strech of your thumb.

Microsoft also combined a concept one-handed view, regardless of a distance of your phone screen: Simply reason a Start symbol for several seconds, and your shade will slip down in operation of your thumb. Microsoft formerly indifferent a one-handed perspective for incomparable phones like a Lumia 1520, though has given non-stop it adult to everyone, a association said.

The new build has a disappointments. One of them is that Microsoft has hold behind a Lumia Camera app until this fall. This might not be a large understanding to many Windows Phone owners, though those who possess a Lumia 1020 won’t be means to constraint 41MP images but it.

The fixes? Patience, or branch behind time. “The easy resolution is to wait until a app is accessible in a Store. If we don’t wish to wait, we need to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to lapse to Windows Phone 8.1 in sequence to get a app back,” Microsoft pronounced in a blog post.

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2983976/windows-phone-os/windows-10-mobile-build-10536-adds-one-handed-mode-better-photos-management.html

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