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Windows 8.1 Multitasking: 5 Tips

To multitask in Windows 8, we had to burst between drastically opposite UIs. But Windows 8.1 changes that: Get some-more prolific regulating these tips.

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Heading into July, usually under half a total Windows 8 and 8.1 user bottom is still regulating a initial chronicle of a new handling system. That’s puzzling. After all, critics and users both trashed Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 Update has warranted significantly improved marks.

Some of a insurgency to Windows 8.1 can be explained. A series of users have gifted refurbish problems, a many impassioned and long-running of that simply disallows Windows 8.1 from installing by a Windows Store. Microsoft is operative on a fix. But a problem isn’t widespread adequate to explain because half a Win 8/8.1 user bottom has stranded with a maligned strange version.

New device sales minister to Windows 8.1′s share, that means that among Windows 7 users who upgraded to Windows 8, a outrageous series — maybe over half — have abandoned upgrades. These people use non-touch machines, that usually creates their hesitation some-more baffling. Whereas Windows 8 is ungainly for mouse-and-keyboard users, Windows 8.1 Update works good on both hold and normal hardware.

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Some attention watchers, including those with ties inside a company, have pronounced a Windows 8 code is tarnished over repair. The handling system’s bad repute explains, or so a explanation goes, because Microsoft is allegedly barreling toward a new Windows chronicle codenamed Threshold. Likely to launch as Windows 9, it reportedly will revive a Start menu to a desktop interface and de-emphasize Live Tiles for non-tablet devices, among other vital changes. Have Windows 8 users turn so annoyed they have simply mislaid faith in Microsoft and are dismissing successive updates?

Whatever a reason for hesitancy, if you’re still regulating a strange chronicle of Windows 8, generally on anything other than a normal tablet, cruise giving Windows 8.1 a try. No, it’s not perfect, though it’s miles forward of a Frankenstein-esque strange edition, generally if you’re a multitasker.

To multitask in Windows 8, we had to burst between drastically opposite UIs, though a newest versions offer a most some-more cohesive and prolific experience. Whether you’re new to Windows 8.1 Update or an gifted user looking to file your multitasking skills, we’ve got we covered. Here are 5 tips to get we started.

1. One person’s apparatus is another person’s distraction.
If we didn’t like Windows 8′s changes, a OS didn’t give we many options. Want to foot directly to a desktop? Too bad. But Windows 8.1 Update is most some-more flexible. It not usually recognizes either it’s using on a inscription or PC and attempts to name a right settings, though also gives we copiousness of options to customize a interface to your preference. With a few minutes’ work in PC Settings, we can capacitate or invalidate a accumulation of features, such as boot-to-desktop mode and intelligent corners. If we wish a touch-centric Tile interface, we got it. If we wish Windows 8.1 Update to act like a faster, some-more secure chronicle of Windows 7 (minus a Start menu), we can some-more or reduction do that, too.

There are several ways to get started. From a Start screen, we can click a new PC Settings Live Tile, or activate a Charms menu (swipe from a right of a touchscreen, or rodent to a top-right prohibited corner) and name Change PC Settings. Once you’ve reached PC Settings, name PC and devices, that includes a accumulation of personalization controls.

2. Use a taskbar to switch between bequest and Modern apps.
If we use both Modern and desktop apps, a taskbar creates a good navigation center. In Windows 8.1 Update, we can pin both forms of apps to a taskbar. By rising apps from a taskbar (instead of, say, a Start screen, or a desktop shortcut), you’ll save yourself a intrusion of jumping between a desktop and a tiled Start screen. When Modern apps launch,

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