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With a Lenovo Razer Edition PC, dual companies launch a gaming hardware …

Perhaps fearing a possess computers didn’t evacuate adequate eye-searing green, Lenovo showed adult during DreamHack in Jönköping, Sweden, on Friday to announce it’s partnering with Razer on a new line of gaming hardware—desktops, laptops, peripherals, we name it.

The span denounced a antecedent of their initial “Lenovo Razer Edition” product, a gaming desktop approaching to launch in Q1 2016. Here’s another product render:

Lenovo Y Series Razer Edition

(Click to expand)

The antecedent looks flattering identical to a framework used in Lenovo’s Y900 gaming desktop, though—as expected—decked out with Razer-green lighting on a front. The uncanny rainbow shade during a bottom presumably indicates a participation of Razer’s Chroma lighting and program (i.e. 16.8-million-color RGB lighting).

No specs as of yet, yet given it looks like a same framework as a Y900 we assume we’ll see identical inner components. The Y900 is a flattering customary desktop make, with support for adult to twin graphics cards. Zooming in on a antecedent render, it looks like there are, indeed, twin Nvidia cards socked inside. Lenovo’s Victor Rios told me Razer has a palm in selecting both inner and marginal components, so there’s a possibility it’ll come finished with Razer peripherals, such as a rodent or keyboard. Expect some-more sum during CES in January.

Why this matters: For now, we only have a partnership announcement. It’s an astonishing yet (probably) intelligent pierce for Lenovo, which, notwithstanding a clever participation in “mainstream” computing, lacks cachet within a gaming niche. See also: Why Dell bought and maintains a Alienware code notwithstanding a fact it could simply siphon out Dell-branded gaming PCs if it wanted.

Razer brings much-needed gaming cachet

“We wish to pierce over only a mainstream, and we consider partnering with Razer and removing some of that singular DNA we can start to strech adult some-more into a opening and fan space,” pronounced Rios when we spoke to him final week.

Lenovo Y Series Razer Edition

But Razer competence be a bigger leader here. With a Blade laptop and a Project Christine antecedent from a few years back, it’s transparent Razer wants to enhance over a gaming marginal roots and into full-on PCs. This partnership lets Razer “make PCs” without, we know, making PCs. Lenovo can do many of a complicated lifting.

Or as Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan puts it in this press release, “Lenovo is a world’s #1 PC maker. Razer is a world’s #1 gaming lifestyle brand.” Well put.

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3009632/hardware/with-the-lenovo-razer-edition-pc-two-companies-launch-a-gaming-hardware-partnership.html

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