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“Women in song have bigger balls anyway”: A story of open responses from …

“Got pissed off and ripped Pamela Lee’s titties off and smacked her so tough we knocked her garments retrograde like Kris Kross.” (“My Name is,” 1999)

“Y’all act like we never seen a white chairman before, Jaws all on a building like Pam and Tommy usually detonate in a door, And started whooping her donkey worse than before” (The Real Slim Shady,” 2000)

Anderson responded:

Nothing directly to a sum lyrics, nonetheless when questioned about Eminem in a 2009 speak with DJ Whoo Kid about possibly she found Eminem attractive, she said, simply, ”He’s too most trouble.”

Christina Aguilera

Eminem rapped:

“Causin’ apprehension to Christina Aguilera, When we squeeze her by a hair and drag her opposite a Sahara” (“Off The Wall” ft. Redman, 2000)

“Christina Aguilera improved switch me chairs so we can lay subsequent to Carson Daly and Fred Durst, and hear ‘em disagree over who she gave conduct to first. You small bitch, put me on blast on MTV: ‘Yeah, he’s cute, though we consider he’s married to Kim, hee-hee!’ we should download her audio on MP3 and uncover a whole universe how we gave Eminem VD.” (“The Real Slim Shady,” 2000)

Aguilera responded:

That a lyrics were “disgusting, descent and, above all, not true.” She denied that her she had family with possibly Fred Durst or Carson Daly in an speak with MTV. ”He got no nookie. That did not happen, OK? we usually wish to transparent a list right there, and a thing with Carson [Daly] too. Eminem’s whole strain did not happen, OK? It usually didn’t, though it’s some unequivocally crazy things that people wish to instil and people wish to say, and it is hurtful.” Christina also expelled a diss lane called ”Will a Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up?” spoofing “The Real Slim Shady” with lines like “You all act like we never listened a white chairman before, His rhymes are a bore, punk child perplexing to be tough core.” The span buried a hatchet with a backstage cuddle during a VMAs in 2002.

Jennifer Lopez

Eminem rapped:

Cause if we ever stranded it to any thespian in showbiz, It’d be Jennifer Lopez, and Puffy we know this! I’m contemptible Puff, though we don’t give a fuck if this chicky was my possess mother, we still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her, And have a son and a new hermit during a same time, And usually contend that it ain’t mine.” (“I’m Back, 2000)

“Hell yeah we nailed J. Lo — to a railroad.”  (“Symphony in H,” 2013)

J. Lo responded:

Nothing, though P.Diddy wasn’t too phased — a span have worked together since.

Mariah Carey

Eminem rapped:

”Oh, gee, is that ostensible to be me? In a video with a goatee? Wow Mariah, we didn’t design we to go balls-out. Bitch, close a fuck adult before we put all them phone calls out we finished to my residence when we was wildin’ out before Nick, when we was on my dick and give we something to laugh about.” (2009)

Mariah responded:

With an indignant post from Boyfriend Nick Cannon on his blog: “I felt contemptible for him since he contingency unequivocally be stranded in a past. Not usually has his strain not evolved, though also homeboy is still spooky with my wife, a same womanlike that wouldn’t let him get to second bottom from 8 years ago. What form of grown donkey masculine lies about removing with a chick? Only Slim Lamey! LOL! I’m putting this out there now. Marshall Mathers, we need to howl during me… Man to man, let’s accommodate adult and understanding with this like adults. So, Miss Marshall, I’m going to make we wish we never spoke my name and bewail a wretched things we pronounced about my wife. Your bequest has now been sinister from this day forth! You will now be famous as a rapper who mislaid to corny-ass Nick Cannon!”

Angelina Jolie

Eminem rapped:

“Holy Toledo, it’s Angelina Jolie, amigo, She told me “Yo, Shady usually palm your penis to me, I’ll low throat.” And Brad if we try to mount between us afterwards we’re gonna see, bro, Who was a fantasy. we don’t meant to repairs your ego.” (“Things get Worse,” 2014)

“Whoa Nelly, Tell Angelina Jolie I’m ready, With petroleum jelly, to allegation it all over me belly, And tell her she can strike me on me mobile, me celly. And accommodate in a salami territory of a grocery deli, And maybe we can find us an suitable telly, A motel 6 or 8 it consider they both could be helly.” (“Rap City” freestyle, 2009)

Jolie responded:


Khloe and Kim Kardashian

Eminem rapped:

“All we know is, we fell defunct and woke adult in that Monte Carlo with a nauseous Kardashian—Lamar, oh, contemptible yo, we finished both set a bar low.” (“Berzerk,” 2013)

“Damn, we consider Kim Kardashian’s a man; she stomped him, usually ’cause he asked to put his hands on her large gluteus maximus again—squeeze afterwards smash it and pass it to a friend.” (“We Made You,” 2009)

“My final Vic and a half; a flashlight adult Kim Kardashian’s ass.” (“3am,” 2009)

The Kardashians responded:

Nothing from Khloe, though Kim was gratified by a shoutout. As she wrote on her blog: ”I usually saw Eminem’s new video for ‘We Made You’ and he totally spoofs me!! It was a sum warn to me since we had no thought he was going to speak about me in a song. we consider this video is so funny! we am a outrageous Eminem fan and find it graceful that he would swat about me. He’s a bit oppressive about some other celebrities, though we usually have to let it go and have a clarity of humor.”

Miley Cyrus

Eminem rapped:

“Six semen samples, 17 strands of hair found during a behind of a outpost after a fire at Vanity Fair. Hannah Montana, ready to elope with a can opener and be cut open like cantaloupe on canopy beds.” ( ”Underground/Ken Kaniff,” 2009)

Miley responded:

No response, nonetheless she did twitter during one indicate after a strain came out that Eminem was “a vital legend.”

Norah Jones

Eminem rapped:

“What a fuck is going on? Who a fuck is Norah Jones? Shady wait a minute, baby, leave a prostitute alone, Just go adult there and be common and take them awards home.” (“The Conspiracy,” 2003)

Jones responded:


Lindsay Lohan

Eminem rapped:

“He does not meant to lesbian offend, though Lindsay, greatfully come behind to saying men. Samantha’s a two, you’re most a 10 – we know we wish me girl, in fact we see we grin.” (“We Made You,” 2009)

“Hello Lindsay, you’re lookin’ a small thin, hun, How ’bout a float to rehab, get in, c**t. (“Same Song and Dance,” 2009)

Lindsay responded:

Well, she still likes Eminem:

Lady Gaga

Eminem rapped:

“Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her pursuit during a post office, She’s still a mail (male) lady, Wouldn’t f**k her with a dick, You listened it, a verdict’s in” (“A Kiss,” 2011)

Gaga responded:

Nothing directly, nonetheless she did twitter this during a prolonged Twitter diatribe responding to several insults:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen:

Eminem rapped:

“Mary-Kate and Ashley used to be so wholesome. Now they’re removing older, they’re starting to grow bum-bums.” (“Ass Like That,” 2004)


None, obv.


Eminem rapped:

“I’ll pee on Rihanna, see man, I’ll do what we wanna.” (“Medcine Ball,” 2009)

Rihanna responded:

She was clearly not annoyed as a dual collaborated on “The Monster” and “Love The Way You Lie” and toured together this summer.

Jessica Simpson

Eminem rapped:

“You’re dumber than Jessica Simpson eating canned tuna”  (“Rain Man,” 2004). Eminem also dissed Simpson extensively, along with others, in his video for “We Made You.”

Simpson responded:

“Of march Jess finds it annoying,” a crony of hers said, “but it’s not like she’s a usually one who was singled out.”

Lana Del Rey:

Eminem rapped:

“I might quarrel for happy rights, generally if they d–e is some-more of a knockout than Janay Rice. Play nice? B–ch I’ll punch Lana Del Rey right in a face twice, like Ray Rice in extended illumination in a plain steer of a conveyor surveillance, ‘Til her conduct is banging on a railing, afterwards applaud with a Ravens.” (Untitled, 2014)

Lana responded:

Nothing yet, nonetheless Azealia Banks tweeted in her defense:

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