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Wonkbook — The latest risk in a migrant crisis: politics

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Wonkbook’s Number of a Day: 1.7 percent. That’s a International Monetary Fund’s latest projection for U.S. mercantile enlargement in 2014, and a offer downgrade.

Wonkbook’s Chart of a Day: This chart shows that a sovereign Obamacare sell remained surprisingly busy, even after open enrollment ended.

Wonkbook’s Top 4 Stories: (1) Politics and a migrant-crisis responses; (2) diving deeper into a Obamacare rulings; (3) hurdles of reforming and overseeing the secretive NSA; and (4) new authorised movement on same-sex marriage.

1. How politics are pushing (and maybe endangering) a response to a migrant crisis 

Democrats and Republicans don’t establish on a solution. But they establish on one thing: Politics competence assistance kill a bill. ”Legislation addressing a predicament won’t spin law until Sep during best — if a check ever creates it off Capitol Hill during all. The reasons President Barack Obama’s $3.7 billion ask for assistance — or anything that looks like it — won’t pass Congress before a Aug recess operation from a domestic to a practical. And they yield nonetheless another instance of how both parties in Congress aren’t bashful about defying a boss — or unwell to residence issues of inhabitant importance. But there’s risk for Democrats and Republicans.” Jake Sherman and Seung Min Kim in Politico.

House Republicans competence not even be means to establish on their possess plan. ”A House Republican plan to residence a liquid of bootleg immigrants during a U.S.-Mexico limit would cost extremely rebate than President Obama has requested though could get upended by a domestic army that prolonged have divided GOP lawmakers. The $1.5 billion offer denounced Wednesday proposes to spend distant rebate than Obama’s $3.7 billion request….But it was misleading how fast a House could allege a offer and either House Republicans will be means to strech agreement with Senate Democrats on a final understanding before Congress adjourns Aug. 1 for a five-week recess.” Ed O’Keefe and Robert Costa in The Washington Post.

Bullet points: GOP offer takes hawkish approach. Rachel Roubein in National Journal.

And Dems don’t wish to tweak a key anti-trafficking law to make deportations easier. ”Many Republicans in both houses of Congress contend they are doubtful to approve puncture appropriation though changes to a 2008 tellurian anti-trafficking law. They wish sovereign authorities to be means to some-more simply expatriate children who enter a United States illegally from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. But many congressional Democrats are balking, observant they do not wish to speed deportation of children evading assault in their possess countries. Many of a children are perplexing to reunite with kin vital in a United States. No change to a anti-trafficking law will be enclosed in a Senate bill, Mikulski said.” Susan Cornwell in Reuters.

Local politicians onslaught with a politics of housing children. ”Around a country, in statehouses and mayor’s suites, in city legislature chambers and inner military agencies, a challenge…is forcing an emotional, worried and politically fraudulent examination on policymakers during any level….Federal officials have incited to states as distant north as New England and many places in between in a hunt for places to keep a children while a supervision total out either to combine them with family members in a United States or expatriate them.” Manuel Roig-Franzia, Wesley Lowery and Niraj Chokshi in The Washington Post.

Explainer: At slightest 32 governors have weighed in on a limit crisis. Here’s what any has said. Niraj Chokshi in The Washington Post.

Amid state and inner discomfort, eremite leaders are embracing the children’s cause. “Around a nation, an array of eremite leaders are perplexing to muster support for a children, observant a republic can and should acquire them….The recoil to a recoil is broad, from Unitarian Universalists and Quakers to devout Protestants. Among a many vibrated are Catholic bishops, who have prolonged associated with Republican politicians opposite termination and same-sex marriage, and leaders of a Southern Baptist Convention, whose adherents tend to gaunt right.” Michael Paulson in The New York Times.

On Texas border, state’s National Guard infantry will catch usually if provoked, tip ubiquitous says. “Most of a 1,000 National Guard infantry headed to a Texas-Mexico limit will take adult observational positions and catch people usually if they meddle with their mission, a tip ubiquitous over a deployment pronounced Tuesday….Nichols pronounced infantry will be armed for their safety, though when asked if their weapons would be installed would contend usually that ammunition would be in magazines.” Christopher Sherman and Paul J. Weber in a Associated Press.

Countries onslaught to reintegrate returned deportees. ”Deportees returning…are screened by supervision emigration officials during entrance checkpoints and afterwards reunited with family members who ride them home. But supervision caring generally ends there, and zero of a 3 ‘northern triangle’ countries…has a formalized complement to safeguard that deportees are safely reintegrated into their communities….Despite reintegration efforts, ongoing assault and autochthonous misery pull deportees to try their fitness during migrating again. Moreover, many smugglers who are paid to take migrants on a tour to a U.S. limit — known as coyotes — concede for repeat attempts.” Brianna Lee in International Business Times.

Signs that U.S. crackdown is shortening attempts? ”Ms. Vazquez isn’t certain a tour is worthwhile, interjection to a fast widespread of news that a U.S. is quickly deporting undocumented Central American families. A arise in deportations…anchor a broader ubiquitous effort to branch a inundate of child migrants opposite a Rio Grande….Her cold feet come as a array of unparalleled minors apprehended during a Rio Grande Valley, a many renouned channel point, has forsaken neatly in new weeks, U.S. officials say….Administration officials pronounced it wasn’t transparent either a trend would continue, and that factors such as continue could be during play.” Laurence Iliff and Laura Meckler in The Wall Street Journal.

Other migrants never make it past Mexico City on a approach to U.S. ”Mexico City is about a median infer of a 1,450-mile journey. But for hundreds of immature organisation who, for one reason or another, can't continue a journey, a collateral has spin a purgatory. They are left with no income and no idea how to leave….Children are usually partial of a exodus from Central America. Young organisation are many supportive to forced squad recruitment, causing some to try their fitness channel a Rio Grande. Others contingency accommodate final to feed flourishing families behind in El Salvador and Guatemala. For those who conduct north, guarantee of work in a United States is a usually viable option.” Alex Horton in Foreign Policy.

BUSH AND BOLICK: Solving a limit disorder. ”These children are perplexing to shun horrific squad assault and apocalyptic conditions in their local countries. But a palliate with that so many of them are illegally entering a U.S. underscores a dearth of a limit security. We now have a charitable crisis…that final clever caring that respects a sequence of law. Despite President Obama’s reassurances, few of these children are expected to lapse home if zero changes….President Obama has betrothed to once again act unilaterally if Congress fails to take adult immigration reform. Now is a time for House Republicans to denote caring on this issue.” Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick in The Wall Street Journal.

RAMÍREZ AND REAM: Don’t omit a purpose of passionate violence. ”The importance on ‘pull factors’ and domestic consequences mostly misses a point: These children are not so many entrance to America as regulating from dangerous and lethal circumstances….One pivotal cause pushing this predicament is a well-documented and widespread passionate and gender-related assault in Latin America….Obama contingency perspective — and pronounce of — these refugees as children first, victims second, and immigrants last. It’s a elementary request. An apparent request, really. We contingency listen to what a authorised traditions and a inhabitant demur already call for us to do.” Mónica Ramírez and Anne K. Ream in The New Republic.

WILKINSON: Obama alone will confirm immigration debate. ”A extended freedom would no doubt enthuse authorised actions and domestic recriminations. But Obama is already reviled by anti-immigration activists and Republicans, who will be no some-more peaceful to concede tomorrow than today. Perhaps foolishly, Obama whetted a appetites of pro-immigration army for confidant executive action. Their appetite and expectations are high. With Democrats on a fork of solidifying Hispanic support, maybe for a really prolonged time, a awaiting of alienating Hispanic electorate by fearfulness or inaction competence now be a some-more dangerous route.” Francis Wilkinson in Bloomberg View.

Top opinion

SMITH: The bailout’s lingering, dim costs. ”The bailout…has been fit by a Federal Reserve and Treasury as preventing a financial tumble of a economy. The rescue, however, had a dim cost for a economy that is formidable to quantify though can be crippling. New mercantile activity is hobbled if it is not liberated from a weight of pity a lapse with investors who gimlet risks that failed. The direct for new mercantile activity is lengthened when a lapse does not have to be common with former claimants stable from a consequences of their risk-taking. This is a duty of failure in an mercantile complement orderly on detriment as good as distinction beliefs of motivation.” Vernon L. Smith in The Wall Street Journal.

KRISTOF: An idiot’s beam to inequality. ”The rush to squeeze Piketty’s book suggested that Americans contingency have wanted to know inequality. The apparent rush to put it down suggests that, well, we’re human….There’s still a good understanding we don’t know about inequality. But either or not we examination Piketty, there’s one strenuous doctrine we should be wakeful of: Inequality and miss of eventuality currently consecrate a inhabitant feebleness and disadvantage — and there are routine collection that can make a difference.” Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times.

SALAM: Death to Australia’s CO tax. ”Because we do caring what China does, and given a idea that they will ravage their ability to grow by lifting appetite prices because, well, we’ve finished so first, is not credible, a pivotal to shortening CO emissions is enlivening elemental breakthroughs in low- and zero-carbon appetite that will give arise to appealing business models that don’t need synthetic subsidies, and that so can widespread fast opposite borders….Instead of relocating backward, Australia, Canada, a U.S., and other countries can pierce forward by deepening their systematic collaboration….But it’s not inevitable….This is a domain where conservatives can and should play a role.” Reihan Salam in National Review.

CHOUGULE: The CBO’s apocalyptic warning on deficits. ”The inactive supervision organisation reported recently that a sovereign government’s check deficits and a public’s share of a debt as commission of GDP are projected to grow to levels not seen given a World War II era….The proclamation comes only as a White House was celebrating a projection that a necessity would tumble subsequent $600 billion for a initial time underneath President Obama. But a CBO has strew light on a fact that Obama has simply kicked a can down a highway with year after year of trillion-dollar deficits, enlargement of a desert state, a finish rejection to remodel imperative spending.” Akash Chougule in Forbes.

FELDSTEIN: Fighting a Fed. ”The due legislation is full of extreme and unfit requirements….But if a Republicans reason a Senate infancy after a subsequent election, some form of legislation requiring a monetary-policy sequence could land on a president’s desk. He or she competence halt it, though a Republican boss after a 2016 choosing competence not….The Fed no doubt fears that if a element of requiring a grave sequence is accepted, Congress could tie a requirement, forcing a some-more limiting financial policy….One thing is certain: The check will put vigour on a Fed to compensate some-more courtesy to inflation, avoiding a determined rate above a possess 2% target.” Martin Feldstein in Project Syndicate.

RATTNER: Let a oil and gas go abroad. “America’s renewed hydrocarbon bang could be even some-more strong if we eased old-fashioned restrictions on shipping both wanton oil and liquefied healthy gas overseas….Experts from a Brookings Institution and a Council on Foreign Relations support lifting a anathema on wanton oil exports. Politicians need not fret. Nothing would forestall a United States from shutting off exports during inhabitant emergencies. Nor, in a eventuality of another outrageous spike in universe prices, would Congress be prevented from commanding taxes on wanton oil during a wellhead to forestall asset profits.” Steven Rattner in The New York Times.

Optical illusion interlude: Mind-blowing round illusion.

2. Digging deeper into a Obamacare rulings’ impact

Did a Supreme Court already tip a hand? ”There’s during slightest one reason to consider that subsidies in federal-run exchanges would be in danger during a high court, and that stems from a new Supreme Court decision. The justice in Jun mostly inspected a Environmental Protection Agency’s skeleton to umpire vital producers of greenhouse-gas emissions, though a justice pronounced a organisation overstepped some of a authorised management to umpire tiny emitters. It’s in this fact that Cass Sunstein, who used to manage rulemaking for a Obama administration, said he saw a ‘poison pill’ that could spell difficulty for destiny Obamacare cases if they reached a Supreme Court.” Jason Millman in The Washington Post.

Explainer: Need a lecture on a rulings? Here’s what we contingency know about a rulings. Mary Agnes Carey in Kaiser Health News.

Profile: Meet a male who laid a approach for Obamacare’s latest authorised challenges. Max Ehrenfreund.

Still, Americans competence not remove their subsidies. ”It could be relatively easy for states in healthcare.gov to emanate their possess exchanges….A state that is partial of a sovereign complement competence be means to simply pass legislation, or even emanate an executive order, dogmatic that it has a possess exchange….Nine states participating in healthcare.gov…are deliberate to be in ‘partnership’ with a sovereign government; some have Democratic governors, Democratic-majority legislatures or both. They would expected be discerning to settle a state exchange….Even Republican governors differently opposite to a Affordable Care Act competence be compelled to settle their possess exchanges….They’ll come underneath huge domestic pressure.” Alex Wayne in Bloomberg.

Political vigour to contend subsidies won’t come only from a voters. “The detriment of word subsidies competence also spell difficulty for health caring providers and a communities they serve. The Affordable Care Act paid for a inexhaustible subsidies in partial by shortening payments it creates to hospitals. Hospitals took a understanding given they distributed that all a new business with word would assistance make adult for a losses. The rebate in insured business could meant large hits to those hospitals, many of that are vital employers in their communities. The states in this difficulty embody some of a lowest in a nation.” Margot Sanger-Katz in The New York Times.

Actually, Congress did want Obamacare subsidies for a sovereign exchange, GOP assistance says. “‘Congress always dictated for a sovereign exchanges to do all a state exchanges do, one of those things being a sovereign subsidy,’ pronounced Chris Condeluci…who was taxation advise to a Senate Finance Committee from 2007 to 2010. ‘I can say, even as a Republican, Congress always dictated this, we only didn’t infer it by legislative story given a routine was so screwed up.’” Daniel Fisher in Forbes.

Another pointer of a domestic inlet of a courts. ”In fast succession, 6 sovereign judges on dual appeals courts weighed in….Their votes lined adult precisely with a celebration of a boss who allocated them. It was a latest painting that presidents assistance figure their legacies by stocking a sovereign dais with judges whose views are some-more expected to align with their own….It’s no collision when judges tend to opinion with a interests of a domestic celebration of a boss who named them, pronounced law highbrow Richard Hasen of a University of California during Irvine.” Associated Press.

A wily position for Republicans. ” Do they finish adult profitable a cost for wanting to take divided advantages Americans are removing underneath a law? Yesterday, we saw Republican after Republican regard a D.C. Circuit supervision (even after a a 4th Circuit supervision came out)….Does that meant they support these Americans carrying to compensate MORE for health care? All along, Republicans have charged that a law will harm Americans’ pocketbooks. But afterwards how do we hearten for a justice supervision that would effectively boost health costs for Americans vital in states that didn’t set adult their possess exchanges?” Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann in NBC News.

A sign of things to come? Lawsuit argues Tennessee deprived residents of Medicaid. “The changes to a state’s Medicaid program, TennCare, following a doing of a Affordable Care Act have resulted in thousands of people being blocked from coverage they are entitled to, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in a U.S. District Court for a Middle District of Tennessee in Nashville. And a firms concerned disagree it’s given of politics associated to a health caring law….Like many red states, Tennessee has declined to attend in Medicaid expansion, though it is a initial state in a republic to face lawsuit over a Medicaid practices given a ACA went into effect.” Sophie Novack in National Journal.

Meanwhile, a Obamacare sell stayed busy even after open enrollment ended. ”More than 5 million people sealed adult regulating Healthcare.gov by Apr 19, a finish of a open-enrollment period. But maybe some-more startling is that, according to sovereign information expelled Wednesday to ProPublica, there have been scarcely 1 million sell on a sell given then. People are authorised to pointer adult and switch skeleton after certain life events, such as pursuit changes, moves, a birth of a baby, marriages and divorces. The volume of these sell was a jar even for those who have watched a rollout of a ACA many closely.” Charles Ornstein in ProPublica and NPR.

How many newly insureds? Another guess says 10 million. ”Using Gallup polling and HHS data, Harvard researchers guess that a uninsured rate declined by 5.2 commission points in a second entertain of this year, analogous to 10.3 million adults gaining coverage — nonetheless that could operation from 7.3 to 17.2 million depending on how a information are interpreted. At slightest one researcher also has an HHS affiliation. The study, published Wednesday, is a latest in a new array of surveys display a array of uninsured dropping given Obamacare exchanges started final fall.” Paige Winfield Cunningham in Politico.

Is all a bitch over a feign Obamacare field news value it? Why Dems contend it’s not. “Democrats…argue that field don’t get anything out of faking their identities other than receiving health insurance, that they could do only as simply with their possess identities. Second, any additional supervision subsidies that are given out given field explain they are poorer than they indeed are would go to a word companies, not a applicants. Committee Democrats contend many Americans are doubtful to distortion on forms so word companies can benefit. And finally, any applicant, feign or not, still has to compensate a monthly premiums to keep a insurance.” Laura Sullivan in NPR.

Report’s authors advise opposite sketch early conclusions. ”Republicans jumped on a news as explanation that a health caring law invites fraud, though a Government Accountability Office central pronounced a representation is too tiny and investigators ‘can’t pull any conclusions’ until their work is complete. The examination is ongoing, GAO’s Seto Bagdoyan said, and a ‘intent of this representation was not to devise in any way’ formed on this initial theatre of work, though instead to brand areas of intensity concentration for destiny work.” Mackenzie Weinger in Politico.

Other health care reads:

Insurers returned $9B to consumers underneath O-Care. Ferdous Al-Faruque in The Hill.

Is Obamacare working? A infancy of Americans seem to consider so. CNN.

Former organisation personality with embattled CDC bioterrorism lab resigns. Brady Dennis in The Washington Post.

Dysfunctional Congress prepares to explain another victim: Veterans with dire mind injuries. Tim Mak in The Daily Beast.

McARDLE: Why it’d be easier pronounced than finished for states to work around Halbig. “Ohio would have to rectify a structure to concede a supervision to settle a state exchange, and barriers in some other states are high as well….In a end, some states will substantially emanate their possess exchanges, and many substantially won’t. That crowd between a states with subsidies and a states though would leave an inconstant error line during a heart of a law, one that competence stick during any impulse and destroy a whole thing.” Megan McArdle in Bloomberg View.

GLUCK: What a D.C. Circuit got wrong in Halbig. ”It is true…that a singular sustenance of a supervision provides that subsidies shall be accessible to exchanges determined by states, and that that sustenance does not also discuss a sovereign government. But it is also emphatically loyal that a rest of a orthodox content creates utterly transparent that a subsidies were also dictated on sovereign exchanges. Another sustenance of a supervision requires stating to a IRS of subsidies doled out on sovereign and state exchanges alike….The supervision also, in several other places, mentions state exchanges in ways that clearly are dictated to impute to exchanges operated by a states or exchanges operated by a sovereign supervision for a states.” Abbe R. Gluck in Politico Magazine.

Science interlude: Why does ornithology have white and dim meat?

3. NSA remodel is coming. What we need to know.

The defence of gripping tabs on a NSA’s sly work. ”Here’s a doubt with no easy answer: How do we reason a nation’s view agencies accountable — when they control a secrets? Former National Security Agency executive Edward Snowden apparently suspicion a answer was to blow a lid off some of a NSA’s rarely personal programs. He took papers and common them with journalists. But what about Congress? It’s ostensible to manage a NSA — and other view agencies. For a committees charged with that task, it hasn’t been easy gripping tabs on a sly universe of sovereign surveillance.” David Welna in NPR.

White House, senators nearby understanding on notice reform. ”The Obama administration and pivotal U.S. senators are tighten to a understanding on legislation that aims to finish a National Security Agency’s collection of millions of Americans’ phone call logs for counterterrorism purposes. The USA Freedom Act also would anathema a ‘bulk collection’ of Americans’ personal information by other supervision agencies underneath several statues as good as secure other notice reforms. A concede check could be introduced as shortly as Thursday, Senate aides said.” Ellen Nakashima in The Washington Post.

Privacy watchdog’s subsequent target: Least-known though biggest aspect of NSA surveillance. ”An eccentric remoteness watchdog agency…will spin a concentration to a largest and many formidable of U.S. electronic notice regimes: signals comprehension collection underneath Executive Order 12333. That rarely technical name masks a constellation of formidable notice activities carried out for unfamiliar comprehension functions by a National Security Agency underneath executive authority. But distinct dual other vital NSA collection programs…in a news lately, EO 12333 notice is conducted though justice slip and with partially small Congressional review.” Ellen Nakashima and Ashkan Soltani in The Washington Post.

The NSA keeps tracking people after they’re dead. ”You competence be dead, though a U.S. supervision won’t take we off a militant roster. That’s according to newly leaked inner discipline from final year that exhibit insinuate sum per a government’s routine for final either an particular should be designated as a probable militant suspect. So extended are their criteria that an particular is means to be placed onto a watch list—and kept there—even if he or she is transparent of a terrorism-related crime. Additionally, a discipline note that a defunct person’s name competence stay on a list given such an temperament could be used as an alias by a suspected terrorist.” Dustin Volz in National Journal.

A devise to interpretation a digital lives when we’re gone. “Ancient peoples sent their passed to a grave with their cherished possessions….But distinct these treasures…our archived Facebook messages, aged email bondage and even Tinder exchanges will float inexperienced in a online cloud when we die. Or maybe not. Last week, a Uniform Law Commission drafted a Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, a indication law that would let kin entrance a amicable media accounts of a deceased. A inhabitant lawyers’ group, a ULC aims to order law opposite a republic by recommending legislation for states to adopt, quite when it comes to timely, fast-evolving issues.” Molly Roberts in NPR.

Other tech reads:

The FCC is removing critical about enforcing a final remaining net-neutrality rule. Laura Ryan in National Journal.

A year after espionage revelations, German officials contend pivotal questions sojourn unanswered. Karen DeYoung and Anthony Faiola in The Washington Post.

States would sue to kill city Internet service. Brendan Sasso in National Journal.

Kid President interlude: A pep speak for a heroes out there.

4. The latest authorised movement on same-sex marriage

Colorado same-sex matrimony anathema struck down. ”Gently chiding a Supreme Court for not creation itself clear, a sovereign hearing decider in Colorado refused on Wednesday to appreciate a Justices’ new actions on same-sex matrimony as contracting on reduce courts. U.S. District Judge Raymond P. Moore of Denver spoke out as he released a supervision distinguished down Colorado’s anathema on such marriages. Refusing a grave defence by a state to put his supervision on hold, a decider though gave a state profession ubiquitous a month to ask a aloft justice to do that. The Supreme Court has twice systematic delays in reduce justice decisions distinguished down state bans on same-sex marriage, though has never given reasons for doing so.” Lyle Denniston in SCOTUSblog.

10 states join Indiana’s interest of supervision that struck down state’s ban. ”In a filing this week, a attorneys ubiquitous of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah filed a crony of a justice brief alleging it is not a authorised branch’s purpose to establish either same-sex matrimony should be permitted….Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller also has asked for a examination by a full 7th Circuit Court of Appeals….The appeals justice has not nonetheless ruled on Zoeller’s request, that could pull a Indiana box closer to a date with a U.S. Supreme Court.” Tim Evans in The Indianapolis Star.

In Florida, politics of same-sex matrimony ambuscade Rubio, Jolly. ”Florida Sen. Marco Rubio defended ‘traditional’ matrimony while easy other views during a speech and U.S. Rep. David Jolly came underneath curse conflict in Pinellas County for vocalization out in support of same-sex couples’ right to wed. Jolly, a Republican like Rubio, pronounced this week that while he privately believes matrimony should be between a male and woman, he thinks Florida should concede same-sex marriage….Jolly offering his position after a decider in South Florida final week overturned a state’s 2008 voter-approved anathema on happy marriage.” Alex Leary and Adam C. Smith in Tampa Bay Times.

Other legal reads:

Arizona’s 117-minute execution could again replenish genocide chastisement debate. Associated Press.

Marijuana-legalization beginning qualifies for Oregon ballot. Maya Srikrishnan in a Los Angeles Times.

Dumb criminal interlude: How not to hedge arrest.

Wonkblog roundup

The many realistic kinds of inequality that children face flourishing adult in a U.S. Emily Badger.

You can now compensate someone’s derelict Detroit H2O check online. Kiratiana Freelon.

Did a Supreme Court already tip a palm on Obamacare subsidies? Jason Millman.

Almost half of America’s portly girl don’t know they’re obese. Roberto A. Ferdman.

Don’t consider Obama has reduced inequality? These numbers infer that he has. Zachary A. Goldfarb.

Darth Vader is polling aloft than all intensity 2016 presidential candidates. Christopher Ingraham.

Meet a male who laid a approach for Obamacare’s latest authorised challenges. Max Ehrenfreund.

Et Cetera

Obama policies competence have reduced income gap, research shows. Zachary A. Goldfarb in The Washington Post.

U.S. proposes faster changes in oil trains. Jad Mouawad in The New York Times.

GM recalls 800K more vehicles. David Shepardson in The Detroit News.

Money supports welcome SEC’s pierce to shun FSOC. Dave Michaels in Bloomberg.

Oregon to opinion on GMO-labeling initiative. Jeff Mapes in The Oregonian.

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