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Workshop on Bridging Cultures in Mexico’s Automotive Supply Chain to Be Held …

TROY, MI, Oct 28, 2015 (Marketwired around COMTEX) –
Culture in a unfamiliar nation can mostly be one of a many challenging
factors to understand; however, it is frequently a many critical
aspect as it can explain essential behaviors and assistance equivocate costly
misunderstandings. Automotive attention executives operative with Mexico
can learn how to urge operations opening by participating in
the arriving convention presented by Sam Yankelevitch, CEO, Express
Lingo Solutions. In a half-day workshop, Yankelevitch will share
practical knowledge, collection and tips to bargain how Mexican
culture drives behaviors and how to urge opening and execution
in a automotive industry. Yankelevitch will plead stereotypes and
changes function currently in Mexican traditions that impact business
practices. He will also benefaction a horizon of 4 cultural
dimensions that support in bargain a differences between the
two cultures: individualism vs. collectivism, energy distance, high
vs. low context, and monochronic vs. polychronic time. He will
explain a motive for investing time in combining personal
relationships with Mexican partners and strategies for ensuring
messages are clearly understood. Most importantly, Yankelevitch will
present methodologies for incorporating gaunt concepts such as
standard work, PDCA, base means research and A3 meditative to improve
intercultural communication. Participants in a convention will learn
how to equivocate misunderstandings and revoke rubbish secure in language,
culture and distance. The workshop, sponsored by
GlobalBusinessProfessor.com and GlobalAutoIndustry.com, will be held
at Automation Alley Headquarters in Troy, Michigan, on Nov 6. To
register for a seminar, click here.

To see a glance of some of a topics Yankelevitch might be presenting
in a workshop, watch a 21-minute On Demand Seminar, “Bridging
Cultures to Drive Performance.”

Yankelevitch is an author, entrepreneur, and seasoned business
leader. For some-more than 30 years he has interacted with Mexican
manufacturers and distributors in automotive supply sequence operations.
He is a author of Lean Potion #9 – Communication: The Next Lean
Frontier and Lean Communication: Applications for Continuous Process
Improvement, that offer solutions for rubbish in tellurian supply chains.

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