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You can now ask Google’s mobile app (almost) anything

Frankly, it was always probable to ask Google anything, though for somewhat some-more difficult questions, a answers were a bit…wanting.

Now, Google has updated a mobile app to improved know formidable queries. In a blog post Monday, Google product manager Satyajeet Salgar explains some of a improvements that assistance a app make clarity of your weird, tellurian suspicion processes.

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First, Google improved understands superlatives and systematic items; for example, it understands queries such as “What are a largest cities in Texas?” Also, we can ask it about a sold indicate in time — so we can ask that same query about a largest cities in Texas, though in 1953, for example. Perhaps many importantly, Google is improved during bargain formidable combinations of these queries, such as “Who was a U.S. boss when a Angels won a World Series?”

In a picture below, we can see how Google handles a identical query, violation it down into pieces and afterwards reaching into a Knowledge Graph to fetch a scold answer.

How a Google app understands formidable questions

A blueprint display how Google’s mobile app got improved during bargain formidable queries.

Image: Google

Google straightforwardly explains that a complement is not ideal yet, even giving an instance of a query that will not produce a scold answer (Who was Dakota Johnson’s mom in a movie? — that query will net we a name of a real-life person, not a actress). However, a association claims these changes are a substructure that will make a hunt algorithms even smarter in a future.

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2015/11/17/google-mobile-app-search/

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