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You can now use Vine on your Apple Watch

Just weeks after updating Vine with new Audio Remix and search features, a app has delivered another modernise that offers some-more functionality on a Apple Watch.

The further of Apple’s smartwatch to Vine’s mobile device options is, however, singular to observation only Featured Vines and Favorite Vines.

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Of course, observation Vines on your little Apple Watch shade is about as unsentimental as observation photos on a device — not very. But by adding a smartwatch to a overlay indicates that Twitter (Vine’s primogenitor company) is committed to creation certain a app has as extended a strech as possible.

vine on apple watch

Image: Vine

Another member of a Vine refurbish for a Apple Watch is a ability to supplement a series of loops your comment has to a complications on a device’s watch faces.

Hardcore users compensate tighten courtesy to their loop counts, though a recognition magnitude isn’t something we mostly hear mentioned like Twitter “retweets” or Facebook “Likes,” so this could be an try to boost a participation of loops among users as a amicable media recognition meter.

The refurbish also includes a ability to now appropriate left to see new Vines endorsed by a app, a tiny though but on-trend tweak in line with interfaces in apps like Tinder and Snapchat.

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2015/11/24/vine-apple-watch/

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