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You Won’t Believe Which Countries are Great for Gluten-Free Travel

Gluten-free eating has come a prolonged approach in some tools of a world. (Photo: Thinkstock)

By Maggie Fuller

We get it: a thought of roving gluten-free can be overwhelming. For people with a critical allergy, scheming for a vacation is a whisk of copy out diet cards in opposite languages, spending hours online digging by gluten-free blogs and transport forums, and make-up half a container of gluten-free snacks, customarily in case. It’s exhausting.

The good news is that gluten-free transport is removing easier as tellurian recognition increases—even in countries we competence cruise are complicated on a wheat. Here are three countries that are not customarily good for gluten-free travel, but are surprisingly gluten-free. Instead of worrying about what’s in your food, we can thoroughness on immersing yourself in a enlightenment around it.


You can find some-more gluten-free options than we cruise on an Italian menu. (Photo: Thinkstock)

The land of pasta and pizza, Italy seems like an unattainable dream for a gluten-free among us. Sure, there is copiousness of Italian cuisine that is naturally and mouth-wateringly gluten-free (osso buco! risotto! cacciucco!), though we don’t have to skip a pasta in Italy to stay in a protected zone. The fact of a matter is that a phrases “io sono celiaca” (I am a celiac) and “senza glutine” (gluten-free) have been hackneyed in Italy given before many Americans had ever listened a word “celiac.”

Already gentle regulating choice flours like reddish-brown and corn in normal cuisine, Italy hopped on a gluten-free bandwagon in a 1970s. Even as distant behind as 2007, some of a colonize gluten-free food bloggers were gleefully relating how easy Italy was for gluten-free travelers—including how it was not startling to move your possess gluten-free pasta to a grill for a prepare to prepare with his or her sauces. These days, however, a country is branch out some of a best gluten-free pasta brands available—Jovial, Delallo, Rustichella d’Abruzzo, and Riso Bello are all done in Italy. Even sequence restaurants have menus senza glutine. From a smallest farming Umbrian encampment to a fanciest Roman restaurant, all we need are a sorcery difference “io sono celiaco(a)” and you’ll be customarily fine.

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2. Ireland

If what we crave from Ireland is a pint, a cut of brownish-red bread with that famous Irish butter, and maybe a basket of fish and chips, we wouldn’t censure you. But when we can't endure a Guinness, nor a brownish-red bread, nor a beat on a fish, it’s easy to get discouraged. Fear not, since Ireland is another nation with a sincerely high thoroughness of celiacs for whom gluten-free is aged news. The Irish Coeliac’s Association was founded in 1963, distant before celiacs illness started gaining worldwide attention. In fact, the peculiarity of gluten-free products in Ireland has been positively stellar for over a decade. Back when there was customarily one code of rice pasta widely accessible in a U.S., Tesco, a European supermarket chain, had an whole dedicated gluten-free territory stocked full of cookies, breads, crackers, and pasta. These days, of course, a peculiarity and accessibility of gluten-free food in Ireland customarily continues to get better. The prolonged story of gluten-awareness means that Ireland has some of a best resources for gluten-free travelers, such as Gluten Free Ireland, a hunt engine which links to over 700 gluten-free establishments opposite a country. And a best news? No one will sneer during we for selecting a Bulmers (known as Magner’s in a U.S.) cider over a Guinness. Naturally-gluten-free cider is customarily as renouned in Ireland as drink is. And it doesn’t fill we adult utterly as much.

Insider tip: There are utterly a few Chinese restaurants in Ireland, though a use of soy salsa creates these not gluten-free-friendly. While some do accommodate, you’ll have to do a small some-more homework on this one.

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3. Australia

It’s hardly surprising that Australia, a nation roving a design of a food array wave, is gluten-free friendly. What is startling is customarily how gluten-free accessible it is. In 2014 we sat down during a award-winning grill during Sandalford Winery customarily outward of Perth, and was about to start weeding out a (usually) few options on a menu that we could cruise when we satisfied that everything had a gluten-free choice available, from a ravioli to a cooking rolls. And it’s like that everywhere. From high-end eateries to small breakfast cafés, there are always gluten-free options. The engorgement of options is strange though a genuine leader was a comprehensive miss of stigma, not a singular eye will bat. Gluten-free? No worries.

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Honorable Mention: France

Pastry from Helmut Newcake. (Photo: Lindsey Tramuta)

I adore Paris anytime, though as one of a gluten-allergy afflicted, infrequently it can be tough to adore during mealtimes. Those crusty loaves of bread and masterfully savoury pizzas tend to hint critical jealousy. It’s not impossible to eat gluten-free in France, generally if we prepare for yourself, as there are copiousness of supermarkets with gluten-free products. Restaurants, however, are most some-more difficult; there’s still small calm for substitutions and small care for those who are gluten-free. But Paris creates this list since it is home to what is arguably a best gluten-free bakery in a world: Helmut Newcake. Everything you’d ever wish from a Parisian bakery, but all gluten-free.

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