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Your 2014 Election Night Viewer’s Guide, Hour by Hour

If you’re reading this, you’re approaching one of a few Americans who indeed cares about a midterm elections. Congratulations!

Consider this a infrequent viewer’s beam to choosing night, a multiple of unsentimental believe (when a polls tighten in any states) and fun contribution we can dump during cocktail parties to seem informed. 

7:00 p.m. EST: And we’re off!

We’re not going to know a formula of any rival races for a few hours, that means zero sparkling is function usually yet. If you’re committed to saying this by to a end, then you could be up for another 6 hours, during least, so take it slow. 

GEORGIA: Here, members of several domestic dynasties are confronting off for a Senate and the governorship. Democrat Michelle Nunn (daughter of former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn) and Republican David Perdue (cousin of former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue) are in a tighten competition for a state’s open Senate seat, while Democrat Jason Carter (grandson of former President Jimmy Carter) is adult against against obligatory Republican Nathan Deal (N/A). 

Real Clear Politics rates a gubernatorial competition a toss up, yet Deal has confirmed a tiny lead in a final several polls. The Senate competition is some-more exciting, yet it doesn’t demeanour like possibly claimant will win a 50 percent of a opinion need to equivocate a run off. In that case, we won’t know who Georgia’s new senator is until Jan. 6.

KENTUCKY: The final ballots have also been expel in Kentucky, yet some check places (on a eastern side of a state) closed earlier. In 2010, networks and a AP were job a competition for Republican Rand Paul usually after 7 p.m. But while Paul won by scarcely 12 points, a competition between Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is (slightly) closer.

VIRGINIA: Republican Ed Gillespie is likely to lose to obligatory Democratic Senator Mark Warner. But some conservative pundits are arguing that Gillespie is shutting a gap, given a new check showed him losing by 7 points instead of 12. Never contend never.

7:30 p.m. EST

North Carolina is another tied race, as good as the many costly Senate race in history, with Democratic Senator Kay Hagan fighting for re-election opposite Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis. Also competing is Sean Haugh, a pizza smoothness male who desirous a absurd “Get Haugh, Get High” ad from conservatives looking to take a childish pothead opinion from Hagan. 



8:00 p.m. EST: Bellwether time!

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Massachusetts’s former Republican senator, Scott Brown, challenged a state’s stream Democratic senator, Jeanne Shaheen. The Granite State is being called a “bellwether” for a rest of a country, so design a celebration of a leader to be generally excited. 

CONNECTICUT, FLORIDA, ILLINOIS, MAINE, MARYLAND, and MASSACHUSETTS: Polls will tighten in these 6 states with gubernatorial races. In Massachusetts, Democrat Martha “Chokeley” Coakley, infrequently called a misfortune claimant in a country, seems set to lose. Some have argued that Coakley isn’t as bad a claimant this year as she was in 2010—when she mislaid opposite Brown in Massachusetts’s special election—despite a media coverage. But her competition Republican Charlie Baker was a initial Republican to be permitted by a Boston Globe in 20 years. 

In Florida, electorate were faced with two unpopular candidates and asked to collect a man they dislike a slightest to be their subsequent governor. This competition also brought us one of a some-more weird moments in discuss history: fan-gate.


If you’re interested in health caring routine we should compensate tighten courtesy to Maine’s gubernatorial race. If Democratic challenger Michael Michaud beats Republican Governor Paul LePage, he could enhance Medicaid to 70,000 Mainers.

8:30 p.m. EST

Polls tighten in Arkansas, where Republicans are approaching to win a Senate chair and a governor’s house. Things haven’t been going good for Democratic Senator Mark Pryor, son of former Arkansas senator and administrator David Pryor. Despite attack his opponent, Republican Representative Tom Cotton, on his votes opposite a plantation check and disaster aid, Cotton has successfully related him to President Barack Obama and Obamacare. A Cotton win would uncover a continued trend to a right for Arkansas, a final Democratic retreat in a red South. 

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9:00 p.m. EST: Seriously dump all right now and spin on a TV

COLORADO: First, turn to this highly rival Senate competition between Democratic obligatory Mark Udall and Republican Representative Cory Gardner. All electorate perceived ballots in a mail for this election, and many of them might be counted and reported shortly after 9 p.m.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Republican ex-Governor Mike Rounds is approaching to win a chair of timid Democrat Tim Johnson. The inhabitant celebration committees intervened late in a race. Rounds might win a four-candidate competition with reduction than a infancy of a vote, yet a win is a win, and he’ll move Republicans closer to their magic series of 6 Senate seats. 

LOUISIANA: Watch for a opinion percentages that Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Representative Bill Cassidy accept in a first-round competition that certainly won’t furnish an undisguised majority-vote winner. Landrieu might good run initial on Tuesday, yet her opinion share will be smaller than a total opinion for Cassidy and a race’s other Republican, Tea Party-aligned Col. Rob Maness, who has participated in a claimant debates and could win about 10 percent of a vote.

LOUISIANA, PART II: The many engaging competition in a state is indeed in a northeastern 5th congressional district, “Kissing Congressman” Vance McAllister, who announced he would retire and after topsy-turvy a decision, is perplexing to allege to a runoff. 

KANSAS: The immeasurable infancy of polls tighten during 8 p.m. eastern time, yet a 4 counties are in a towering time section finish voting during 9 p.m. Republicans have won 29 Senate elections in a row, a longest such active strain in a nation, according to Eric Ostermeier’s Smart Politics. Four-term Republican Pat Roberts is in risk of losing his chair to Greg Orman, a rich eccentric businessman who is corralling a anti-Roberts opinion in a scarcity of a Democrat in a race. 

WISCONSIN: If Gov. Scott Walker prevails, it would be his third feat in 4 years, including his thwarting of a remember bid in 2012. A third true win in a purplish-blue state would keep him in a review as a destiny claimant for boss or clamp president. The Democratic nominee, Mary Burke, would be hailed by her celebration as a giant-killer if she unseats Walker. A Burke win would also residence a scarcity of womanlike Democratic governors: during a moment, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire is a usually one, compared with 4 womanlike Republican governors. Who knows, maybe a competition will come down to essential Waukesha County.

10:00 p.m. EST

MONTANA: There are dual states with Democratic-held Senate seats that could tumble to a Republicans. The gimme putt for Republicans is Montana, where  Democratic Senator John Walsh didn’t mount for choosing after a piracy scandal. Republican Representative Steve Daines will win a election.

IOWA: And things demeanour auspicious for a GOP in Iowa, where state senator Joni Ernst non-stop adult a seven-point lead over Bruce Braley in a Des Moines Register check expelled Saturday. The competition is closer in an normal of all polls. Ernst would turn a initial lady to offer in a Senate from Iowa, that also has never inaugurated a lady to a House. Only 3 other states have never sent a lady to Congress: Mississippi, Delaware and Vermont. 

11:00 p.m. EST

CALIFORNIA: The governor’s competition is engaging since Democrat Jerry Brown, during 76 a nation’s oldest governor, will simply win a fourth tenure 4 decades after winning his first. There are several House Democrats initial inaugurated in 2012 who have tough re-election contests. One of them is Democrat Ami Bera, who’s adult opposite former Republican congressman Doug Ose in a district nearby Sacramento. Republicans are unfortunate for some wins in staunchly Democratic California. In a San Diego-area district, Democrat Scott Peters faces Republican Carl DeMaio, a former city assemblyman who’s plainly gay.

Midnight and after…

Look for formula in Alaska to start entrance in around 1 a.m. eastern time, state choosing officials say. There won’t be an early leader called in a competition between Democratic Senator Mark Begich and Republican challenger Dan Sullivan. Counting a ballots is a time-consuming routine in a state some-more than twice as large as Texas. A large question: will control of a Senate have been motionless by then? 

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